Invest in the top performing Mutual Funds in the Philippines

Initial Investment

I. Account Creation

1. Please read the fund prospectus. HERE
2. Please fill out the following forms:

Account Opening Form (AOP)
For Individual Account
For Corporate Account
Signature Card
For Individual Account
For Corporate Account
FATCA Form (If applicable)
3. Please provide a photocopy of two (2) valid government issued IDs.
4. Please submit all originally signed documents to any FAMI office.
5. You will received your FAMI Account Number via email and/or text within two to three banking days after receipt of complete documentary requirements.

Click HERE for the List of IDs.

II. Payment Methods

You can use the following mode of payment for your additional investment. All investments made through these facilities are not required to fill up the Investment Application Form (IAF).

METHOD 1: Metrobank Payment Slip
1. Please fill out a green payment slip from any Metrobank branch.
2. Please use your Account Code/FAMI Account Number and fill that in the slip's subscriber/reference number field.

Note: Please put zeros in front of your Account Number so it becomes an 8-digit number.
Example: Client Number 12345 should be written as "00012345".

Payment Slip
METHOD 2: Metrobank Direct
1. If your Metrobank Account is enrolled to MetrobankDirect, log on via:
2. In the Main Menu, select pay bills, select "OTHERS", then select the fund of your choice from the drop-down menu.
3. Fill in your FAMI Account Number (follow the 8-digit rule) in the subscriber number and reference number fields.
4. Enter the amount you wish to pay and click "Continue", then confirm on the next screen.