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An open-ended balanced mutual fund invested in a well-managed portfolio of selected listed equities, government securities, SEC-registered commercial papers, treasury bills, fixed rate treasury notes (FXTNs), Retail Tresaury Bonds, Progress Bonds and Small-Denominated Treasury Bonds. It is ideal for investors seeking moderate growth, through long-term capital appreciation and preservation, with investments in stocks that yield yearly dividend earnings.

Inception Date April 26, 2014
Investment Objective Long-term growth or capital appreciationYearly stock/share dividend earnings - Capital Preservation – Be able to declare share dividend earnings regularly. (*Note: Investment is not guaranteed and is affected by market conditions as reflected in the NAV. Declaration of dividends is contingent on fund performance and approval of the Board of Directors).
Investment Universe Maximum of 60% in equities with a Minimum of 30% in fixed-income securitiesMaximum of 15% of the fund’s asset into any single enterprise except for Government Securities, as directed by the Investment Company ActInvestment into a single enterprise must not exceed 10% of the investee company’s outstanding securities, as directed by the Investment Company ActFor liquidity purposes, a minimum of 5% of the fund must be in liquid or semi-liquid instruments, as directed by the Investment Company Act
Risk Profile Moderate
Minimium Investment Amounts Initial Investment: P 5,000.00 Additional Investment: P 1,000.00

Sales Load Fee

Investment AmountRate
Not more than 3%

Exit Fee

First six (6) months 1.00%